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    If you're buying, get nucs. They're already ahead of the game with comb built, brood, and stores. They're more stable. Local is always a good thing as long as it's quality. Swarms are always good, because they are free. To me that makes them even more beautiful, cuz I'm tight.
    I'm living in Albany, NY, new and late to start beekeeping this year. I've set up a empty hive with frams in it and a swarmtrap with bait in my backyard. Bees are still around due to the trumpet flowers, but they never get into the trap. July is about to end soon. Is there any hope to get bees this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuchubees View Post
    Is there any hope to get bees this year?
    The chances that your single trap and/or unused hive catch a swarm this year are pretty low. If you want bees this year, your best bet would be to buy a nuc or established hive from someone fairly local.
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