I have 20 hives on my property. They are all close together on a waist high rack. Last Friday I was looking out the window of my house and noticed a swarm directly above my hives.The swarm was on a fork in a tree and about the size of 3 footballs. I thought one of my hives may have swarmed, but questioned that because they all have adequate room and no queen cells on the most recent check. I put a ladder up into the tree and put a veil on. I grabbed a Nuc with 2 frames of drawn comb and planned to screw the Nuc to the tree under the swarm and brush the bees into the box. When I was almost to the swarm, they started to make more noise and more noise, I froze and watched as a huge cloud raised up and flew away. Now my question ? ever since Friday there have been about 100 or so bees on the spot of the swarm just clinging to the branch. Should I put the Nuc up there and try to lure them in ? Are they scouts for a swarm? or are they left over from the swarm and missed the mass exit ? All of my hives are intact and it had to be a wild swarm.Thanks for you time to answer. Jim