I started a trap out in a cherry tree two months ago and wanted to do something different in order to "harvest" bees. The bees were using knot holes for entrances up and down the tree so I foamed all but one. I bored a 1" hole in the remaining one, screwed a hose fitting in it and did the same thing to a nuc box, then connected the hose. My thought was that once the tree cavity was full the bees (after being forced through the nuc) they would start to fill up the nuc. I checked them this weekend and the queen had moved into the nuc! There were three frames with some eggs/brood and some pollen/nectar and the two outside frames were capped honey. I took those five frames with the queen and moved them to a deep and "reloaded" the nuc with some new frames. I could see pollen being moved throught the tube into the tree so they must have some brood rearing going on in there. They should be able to make a new queen for me to continue harvesting bees as long as there are some fresh eggs in the tree.

Just wanted to share and was curious to see if anyone else has tried something similar with the same results. I am going to give this a shot earlier next season if I can find some more trees. I think two nucs could be had off of each tree if started early enough in the season, especially prior to swarms kicking off.