I have the job lined up, but have not looked at the situation yet. I've been told that the bees are entering through about a six inch knothole. Not enough to do a cutout with. The tree is coming down regardless, so we should be able to just cut out the section that has the nest in it.

But I'm curious, how do you guys go about finding the top and bottom of the nest, so as not to cut through it with the chainsaw when removing the tree. I was thinking about boring holes with a drill to see when I got dry vs. sticky returns. Then I would just cut above the stick at the top, and below at the bottom. With the whole chunk on the ground I figured I would split it parallel with the direction of the combs. Are there any other tricks or tips anyone could offer up?

I know this one is going to be a more difficult job, so I think I'll ask for payment for my services. Even still, I'm excited about doing the work. It's always fascinating to open up another hive!

Any tips/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!