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    Default trap out feeding question

    My friend and I are very new to bee keeping and have discovered an active hive in a tree that the owner does not want cut down so we've installed a trap box (correct term?) and made a cone out of mesh that we installed and sealed over their entrance, as I've read about here and other sites. My question is: In this hot, dry weather we're having, should I be feeding regularly until this mission is complete, since the bees that are isolated from the original hive can't get to their food source? They're slowly discovering our box installed near the tip of the cone and I want them to take up residence there for the time being, until we can get enough to move them to a proper home. But as this process can take some time, I'm assuming they need us to feed them? Or do they survive on nature's bounty without our help, hot weather or not?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: trap out feeding question

    jpk5930 Send me an e-mail and I will send you info on a better way to trap a tree along with photos of this typw of trap.



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