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    Thumbs Up Bees love my Mexican Honeysuckle

    This has turned into my favorite landscape plant. Here in Zone 8, it blooms from early spring until late fall. It blooms in drought, it blooms when wet, it blooms in sun or shade. It's amazing. But the best part is, I have bees on it always! It also feeds butterflies and hummers. But the bees go crazy for it.

    Put some somewhere, you'll be glad you did!

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    Default Re: Bees love my Mexican Honeysuckle

    We are in our 2nd year of extreme heat and drought, my neighbor has basil in his garden that the bees are on constantly. There are other insects that are attracted including butterflys, moths and small bees that are not honeybees. We had an abundance of Arrowleaf clover this spring, I have been told it does not attract bees but they were on it. So far each hive has made 2 supers that are full.
    Myron Denny

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