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    Exclamation Thinking of next year

    At the moment my brood area is about 12 bars. During the winter, I assume the vacancy rate will be maybe half(?). In the spring, when the queen begins to lay,she will use the old comb, but will she need more brood comb than she currently has?

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    mhorowit, my bars are 15 1/2 inches wide. I designated seventeen 1 3/8" bars for the brood chamber and fourteen 1 1/2" bars for honey.
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    if you have 12 bars of brood right now, then you are going to have a population BOOM before winter. Thats good because the bees live longer due to less activity in winter. So, more bees survive till spring to take care of new eggs. And all that pre-built comb will facilitate space for those eggs. "We're going to need a bigger boat."
    As far as guaranteeing what the bees will build by the width of the top bars. I don't buy it. I have all bars 1 1/2" the bees build whatever they want wherever they want. If they need more brood they will empty honey out to make room, and with 1 1/2" bars the reverse is possible too.


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