I'm a brand new beekeeper, as of this April, and am looking ahead to harvest/winterizing. I'm having a hard time finding info on how much honey I need to leave for my bees this winter. I know the "Beekeeping for All" recommends ~12 kg, but Warre was is a different climate than I. He was in hardiness zone 8, I'm in 6b (Salt Lake City, UT). Advice for Langstroth's is easy to find, but doesn't seem to correlate at all to what little info I can find about overwintering Warre's. It seems that the amount of honey left in a Langstroth varies WIDELY with climate. What little info I can find about Warre hives just references "Beekeeping for All", with no notes on different needs in different climates.

I can't find any other locals doing Warre's that have much experience, and I don't want to lose my new friends over winter. So, any experience, tips, or advice you can share about how much your bees have used in past winters (along with what your location/hardiness zone is) would be greatly appreciated.