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    Default What signs Nosema Cerana?

    We Have been free of this disease but it was first diagnosed in an area of my country around 2 years ago, but not where I am.

    Anyhow we are just getting past the worst of winter here, and both myself and other beekeepers near me are getting unexplained cases of large numbers of dead and near dead bees laying around the outside of some, but not all, hives in an apiary. It is not typical of the way they die from mites, I am wondering if it could be cerana, but hoping some of you guys could give me a good explanation how things look when they die of cerana.

    What we've got, is no poop or diarhea on the hive, bees dead or near dead, the near dead ones fairly lethargic. No distended abdomens, but often the bees have the abdomen slighly curved downwards plus wings spread apart and slightly downwards. Actually, next time I see this I will get a pic. BTW trachaeal mites have never been found in my country, despite regular random bee samples being lab tested by the government.

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    Default Re: What signs Nosema Cerana?

    Nosema Cerana does not manifest itself like apis does. Really no signs of disentry.
    Lethargic, slow to build, not taking in feed or stock piling feed and not eating. Refusal to eat pollen patties when the next hive downs them like candy. I do not know if you use fumigillan b in New Zealand but drenching works best for this. Because they refuse to eat the syrup, the only way to get it into them is by drenching so they have to clean it off. Usually 3 treatments done weekly. After the first treatment a noticed change in the bees.

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    Default Re: What signs Nosema Cerana?

    Honeyshack: just taking a bit of a poll... how strong do you make your fumigillan drench?? Thanks.
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    Default Re: What signs Nosema Cerana?

    when using the drench system with the fum-b, what temp should the water be?
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