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    Default Wax taste in honey?

    I extracted my first amount of honey. It was awesome to see the time and money pay off. As I tasted the honey while it ran out of the extractor I just loved it and thought that it was the best ever. Now after a few days I am ready to bottle it. Most of the people that have tasted it, seemed to only "like" it. The honey seemed to have a noticeable taste of wax to it nd it is very light in color. I asked another local beekeeper and she said that the honey tasted fresh and not to worry about the wax taste. Is the wax taste in honey common? Will it go away on it's own? Can it ever go away? Why does my honey taste like wax in it? I uncapped with a knife and a scratcher and strained the honey through a 200 and 400 strainer if that means anything. I am very proud of my little bees and the honey that they have made but I wish more people would enjoy the taste a bit more. Thanks, juzzerbee

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    Default Re: Wax taste in honey?

    Wax taste? hard to define that all the beeswax I have eaten in comb and suck is basicly tasteless. I would say your bees were feeding on something that just leaves a bad taste. severl plants can be less than ideal for taste.

    Might consider storing it and mixing it later with some fall honey.

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    Default Re: Wax taste in honey?

    I know the taste you are talking about. I get it as an aftertaste. I usually taste it during or right after extracting. I think (my opinion), the taste diminishes a lot after it sits for a while and all the air and particles have settled out.


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