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    Default Bottling versus storing in buckets?

    I just extracted for the first time and ended with 69 pounds. That is a lot of honey for me. At this point I have it split in 2 five gallon buckets. I am not sure if I have enough people to give away all 69 pounds at this time. Should I leave the honey in the bucket and tap it when I need some or should I bottle it now and had it ready when I need it? I know it comes down to my own choice but I am wondering about the pros and cons of leaving it in the bucket and bottling a few days after the honey has settled. At this time the honey is very light in color and the taste of the wax is noticeable. Thanks, juzzerbee

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    Default Re: Bottling versus storing in buckets?

    The wax will float to the top where you can skim it off. I'd bottle some now.....kinda hard to go running to the bucket every time you want to put some on your biscuits! As long as the honey is kept in a warm place, you can bottle as you wish...........

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    Default Re: Bottling versus storing in buckets?

    Ha! My very first harvest was 3 buckets. I thought the same as you. What will I do with all this honey? Gone in 6 weeks.


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