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    Quote Originally Posted by Terra Vita View Post
    I feel alot closer to m y bees now without the smoker.. they know I'm around and accept me being in there.
    The song of beginner. One day, you'll get a lot closer to the bees working w/o smoke & protection then you ever dreamed.... I just pray your daughter is not around.......... Your source for the Varrox Mite Killing
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    You just have to keep in mind not everyone can walk up to their hives, open it up and not have bees bother them. Better to wear a veil than not in my opinion. My bees are very gentle most of the time, but you never know. One day before I even got within 10ft of the hive I had 2-3 bees on my face. Someone had pelted the hive with dirt clods a couple days prior, they were still upset I guess. Two days later, back to normal where I could observe the hive w/o issue. As Keth says, smoke is a good tool to manage the hive when putting it back together. I use it to keep them inside when I open it up as well. Just a quick puff. I don't mind my bees all looking at me, they generally get out of the way when I grab the frames and show no interest in stinging my hands. But you never know, u get a new queen, might get meaner at any time.

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