I'm rather new at bee keeping, In Indiana, we have different winter weather pattens, so with that said, I want to protect my investment, and I want to protect them the best I can.
I've read about the tar paper method for insulating the hive in the winter, and the reasons for protecting the bees, I've looked at this product to cover my hive this winter, and want opinions of users here, to tell me if this is
going to work or not?
The product is a thin layer of Aluminum with an air pocket then another layer of Aluminum, it's light weigh, has an R-value of 4.1 that's equal to 4 inches of fiberglass insulation.
The cool thing I like about this product, is it's thin, and can be wrapped easily around the hive just like the Tar paper.
Will it be too hot for them in the winter months, with this type of insulation?
I only have one hive, so the cost is minimal for this application.

Bonded Logic UltraTouch Water Heater Jacket

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Bonded Logic UltraTouch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier is a light-weight, foil-faced, fire-retardant blanket insulation that may be used in a variety of applications, including as a water heater jacket. A water heater jacket can reduce standby losses from a tank-type water heater. Made from durable natural fibers, UltraTouch contains no fiberglass and does not itch or cause skin irritation, making it easy to install. The pure aluminum barrier reflects radiant heat, with the fibers used to manufacture UltraTouch treated with an EPA registered anti-microbial agent that offers protection from mold, mildew, fungi, as well as fire resistance.

This UltraTouch Water Heater Jacket is 72" long by 48". It has an R-value of 4.1. A roll of pressure sensitive aluminized foil tape is included.

Dimensions: 72" x 48"
R-Value: 4.1
Origin: USA