I did a cut out from a dead Palm tree in SW Florida about three weeks ago. Took a large bunch of bees and put them in a TBH about 12 miles away along with some of the honeycomb. The next day I looked into the box and saw SHB so I put some of my homemade beetle traps on the bottom screen and the top of the bars. Two days later there were no beetles. There were 7 frames with comb in the hive and had bees all over them. The queen was in the box. There was a queen excluder on the entrance. I had a solar powered night light on the entrance so the entrance was lit up all night to keep the beetles and moths out. After two weeks go by I get a call from the owner of the box. He told me the light had quit working a week earlier, there were lots of bees going in and out at that time. He then told me all thebbes were dead and piled up inside the box.
I went over and he was right , over half the bees were still in the bottom of the box in piles and very few on the comb. SHB and ants were all over the place. There was a yellow substance that looked like fine sawdust on the middle combs. I have never seen anything like it and cannot find any reference in the web about it. Non of the combs had been worked on to attach them to the top bars. It looks like the honey was robbed out and most of the colony absconded. What killed the bees inside the hive is something I don't understand. Here are a couple of pictures. If anyone can identify this stuff I would really appreciate it.