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    Default Re: Survivor bees vs regular stock and mite counts

    julysun - excellant article. There is a lot to absorb there but certainly good info. as you will note below, I may be looking at acquiring one of Glenn's queens next year.

    To the rest of you following this discussion - someone suggested I needed to do a mite count on the drone larvae. Well, I've just returned from the beeyard. I uncapped drone brood and had a look. Bingo, lots of mites, tons of mites. So now I'm challenged to stick to my guns. I swore I would not treat the two nucs of survivor bees I purchased. Its going to be a hard thing to standby and watch, but I am committed to that. It's interesting to note the other survivor nuc I bot has very few mites. I hope it survives. I would like to learn how to do a split or even raise some queens from it if it makes its to next spring. Ourside of the mite count, both hives look healthy. Good brood patterns, nice cresent shape of honey around them and lots of pollen stored. Considering I only acquired them in June, there is actually a lot of honey stored in the second super of each hive so both appear healthy - BUT the one hive has a ton of mites. Could be a sad thing to watch but I'm not going to treat. It's just not the way to go. I'm beginning to think I might requeen my other two hives from non-survivor stock, with queens from Glenns Apiaries noted in the article by julysun.
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