I ordered 14 cordovan queens from koehnen about 3 weeks ago for shipment on 7-16-12 and arrival on the 17th. They arrived this morning on the 17th at 10:05 central time. All alive and beautiful looking girls. A very nice person on the other end to talk to when placing your order with follow up confirmation e-mail. Card billed just a few days before shipment. Now that is how you run a business if you want return customers. I had ordered queens from them this past spring and had called their office and talked to Jennifer In mid April about ordering queens. I was told they were booked until first week of May and could ship on may 3rd for delivery on May 4th. Received them as well on the day I was supposed to. I sold all of those girls in nucs and getting reports that they are doing real well. They definitely have the customer service down to a science. Thanks Koehnen.