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    Default I caught a swarm now what do I do?

    I have an old bee house and caught a swarm in it. The swarm is about a six frame swarm. My experience is very little as I moved from my mentor. He gave me the bee house. I have purchased a medium supper for it (ten frame) and set it up. I also bought a smoker. My questions are the following.

    1. Can I extend the queens eggs laying production?
    2. When doing my next inspection of the hive do I lift off the supper to inspect the bee house or just inspect the supper.
    3. If I can lift off the supper and while I am inspecting the bee house can I lift out a few of the frames and clean out the bottom of the bee house. The bees are doing a great job of cleaning out the bee house but the bottom board is a mess. (the bottom board is nailed to the box)

    We live in Southeastern Iowa there is a good amount of pollen in the form of sunflowers and white clover as for now.

    Any answers will be helpful thank you Matthew Geraci

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    Default Re: I caught a swarm now what do I do?

    I wouldn't look inside the hive for a week. Leave them alone and let them get adjusted and start doing what bees do. Its called a super, not supper. I wouldn't worry about the Q's laying at this time. You really don't need the super on the hive. If they moved in w/o the super, then it was big enough for them.

    If I did anything I would just remove the super and give them 7 days before checking the hive. If she is a mated Q then she should be laying and you should see larva. If this is an afterswarm, then the Q is probably a virgin. So she will have to go and get mated and it will probably be at least 10 days before she starts laying.

    The best thing you can do at the moment is nothing.....unless you put on a feeder to help them along building comb and eating.
    De Colores,


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