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    Default Re: Foundationless and frameless bees in Santa Monica, April 6, 2013

    My bees need more space. The horizontal hive got another deep box - yes, oldtimer, they DO expand vertically when they wanted and have a chance! Horizontal part of the hive, which is not under the top boxes contains nectar and honey with some 1/2 done combs. The part, which was under the top box and top box itself were all brood! Now they got another deep box on top of the first one. These two deep boxes were checker-boarded with my new-design top bars (with the sides). Bees behaved extremely well, no head bumps at all! Another vertical hive just got another box with checker-boarding again. These girls were quite protective, which is great - it was a weak hive for while and now they feel more confident! I am posting some pictures of the frames from the deep horizontal hive. Mediums-vertical - beautiful comb, but we have already million of similar pictures above.
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