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...I use a lot of 11 1/4" frames. After 42 years just starting to test 8 frame hives with all medium supers. In my climate a double deep traps too much honey and has to be cleaned out in early spring, same goes for the 11 1/4" frames.
So, I guess the strategy would be that frame should be large enough (long) to accommodate most of the nest (brood) but not much honey. My current approach with TBs and 1/2 sided frames (Bernhard) is so, that I could add "extender" between two bodies (or on the top) and bees could extend the comb into new dimension. For instance, to my 9" box, I could add 5 1/2" shallow, which would make 14 1/2" long comb. Or I could build 3" extender for my horizontal hive to have 11" -long comb. In my situation I am using all home-made hardware, which is interchangeable and compatible to Lang - I learned my lesson!