Oooo, so sad with video, but I understand. I have problems even with photos. If you noticed, there is a gap in postings - just forgot the camera, batteries happened to be dead just "in time" (spare ones as well), bees were too "active" and block the view (literally)... In general, this horizontal hive is full of bees - when I open it, they just "overflow", not because aggressive, but because too many... very difficult to use the camera. Also, full deep frames are very heavy - I could not securely hold them by one hand to take a picture. Thus - most spectacular images from horizontal hive are lost! I completely switched to the top-bars in the horizontal hive - it is quite impressive - huge perfect combs! But, difficult to manipulate because of the weight and no support on the sides and at the bottom. I am thinking to do one step back and provide some sort of support for the comb. There is no way I will return back to the classical frames - I will add support to my existing top-bars.

I am glad to hear that your bees are doing well. I am looking forward to watch your movie! Sergey