Hey Gypsi
Thanks for vising! Take a pictures and post here (or other place). I would be interested to compare side-by-side plastic foundation comb and foundationless. Camera is my essential tool when I do an inspection - if I have any questions etc., I just take a picture to see in details later. My camera has good macros, so I really could see small details on the picture, which I could not in the field when working the hive.

As you could see, all my frames (at least honey) are foundationless and truncated. Most of them are very nice and straight. From time to time, bees decided to do improvisation, than I have a "double-deck" honey combs - they build one thick one instead two... Since, I crush-and-strain, really not big deal. Problem with these double-deck frames - they are too heavy, so I could not hold them by one hand to take a picture. May be next time if I will have assistant. Good luck with your bees! Sergey