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    Default Foundationless and (some) frameless honey in Santa Monica, July 16, 2012

    I am in the process of switching to all foundationless in my two Lang hives permitted in Santa Monica, CA.

    To me,the foundationless approach has many advantages:
    (a) easy to build, no special care required (waxing, wiring, foundation installation etc);
    (b) in combination with mediums - it is universal for all bee-hive related tasks (brood chamber, honey supers etc);
    (c) freshly made wax, no "drawn comb" worries, no old comb issues;
    (d) easy to extract honey especially at the small scale (hobbyist type), crush-and-strain, no special equipment required; shape of the comb is not important; there are byproducts of extraction - honey-vine and wax.
    (e) bees choose proper (for them!) size for the comb cells; they maintain proper bee-space in accordance to their needs.

    I am harvesting a few totally foundationless "frames" every few weeks. Note that there is only a top bar from the standard frame has been shown in one picture.

    Disclaimer: Welcome to this thread. This post has no intention to discuss comparison between foundation and foundationless, frame or frameless approaches. It is for pictures of your foundationless/frameless achevements in Lang hive! Please, feel free to post pictures of your foundationless/frameless latest honey crop here. Sergey
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