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    Default Wonderful 2012 HAS Conference St. Louis

    The 2012 Conference was wonderful. I took the queen rearing track and some of the other classes as well. All speakers and instructors were very helpful and informative. Made some very nice friends. Thank you for all that helped put on a great conference.

    I am looking forward to 2013 at Cookeville, TN.

    Tim Goodin

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    Default Re: Wonderful 2012 HAS Conference St. Louis

    Went to the HAS when it was in Frankfort,KY and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were going to HAS last year but wife had a stroke so we couldn't. Wanted to make this one this year but just couldn't with this economy. Should make it next year (God willng) since Cookeville is just a few hours away. I always enjoy being with other beeks and talkng shop and learning new techniques.

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    Default Re: Wonderful 2012 HAS Conference St. Louis

    Just got home from St Louis. Had a great time at HAS. If it gets close to you definately go. Nice trade show and educational programs. Most talks geared to beginners.

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