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    Default Queenless or weak Queens.

    Three months ago a local bee keeper put two hives in our vegetable garden and offered to split the honey. I wanted to get into bee keeping so I purchased the hives from him. I have since added one more deep hive body to the hives I got from him. I also purchased two packages of Cardovans. My Cardovan hives are killing it. Solid brood patterns and they have filled two deep hive bodies already too.

    The bees I got from the bee keeper have good numbers from the outside but upon inspection of the hive have very weak brood patterns, and tons of drones. I haven’t been able to find queens in either of the hives, but can find them easily in my Cardovan colonies. The last three weeks I found uncapped supercedure cells mid frame and got rid of them. I haven’t found any queen cells on the bottom of my frames.

    Should I let them supercede, or do you think I will loose half of my hive to a swarm. Should I re queen. Should I add brood from my healthy colonies and let them raise a new queen from that. I am super new and need advice.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Default Re: Queenless or weak Queens.

    Let them supercede, the bees know best.
    You may have to add brood if they do not have eggs or brood of right age.
    If you see poor brood pattern, and low bee count, they are not thinking swarm.
    A swarm for a new beek is not always bad, it is a learning experience and a chance to hive a swarm.

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