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    Default 2 marked queens in one hive!

    I had a hive that lost its queen so I bought a queen less nuc with 5 frames of brood and eggs and bees. I put two frames of brood and the existing bees in one brood box with a new marked/caged queen. I installed the other three frames of brood, eggs and bees in another brood box with another marked/caged queen. This was all done on June 29th. Yesterday I checked one hive and couldn't find a queen but the hive had lots of bees and capped honey. No eggs and not much capped brood.

    This morning I checked the frames in the second hive and both marked queens were on the same frame, about 3 inches apart. The queen from the first hive found her way into the second hive. Now what do I do? I'm a first year beekeeper so I don't know how to proceed with this one. Help!
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