Hello Everyone,

I just bought a used TBH that consists of the main box with sloped sides and the top bars. I have a few questions about it and am hoping for suggestions based on your expertise in a California-like coastal environment. It does get hot here (90's) for a few days in the summer, but is generally mild.

  • The bottom is a solid board. I was not going to open it up for a screened bottom for ventilation or mites.
  • I want to ventilate via holes in the hive. I am thinking of one on the back side, three entry holes on the front side and one up high on an end for moisture control. Is this enough? I would use corks to close them off as needed.
  • Has anyone put in a screened tray on the solid bottom board that is lined with a sticky paper for mites?
  • What are the pros and cons of side entrances or end entrances?
  • Aside from the asthetic value of a peaked roof, are there advantages over just using a flat board?
  • Does anyone use burlap as a cover for the top bars? Does it make a difference? Help with wicking moisture away?

Thanks for your insights!