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    Default possible robbing

    Robbing: Not sure if this is robbing, but it looked like a wrestling match at the entrance of this TBH the other day. So I obtained a 1 sq foot sheet of 1/8" HW cloth and suspended it over the entrance, leaving a 1" gap all the way around. I put it there in the early morning when there was no activity. In this configuration, a bee can not go straight into the hive, but has to go around the screen and then make a 90* turn to get into the entrance. It's an end entrance. I'm looking for agreement that this is a satisfactory robber screen. How long does it take for the homies to figure how to get back in? I'm assuming robbers will make an attempt and then give up. Or, do they come in waves? - Mike

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    Default Re: possible robbing

    A good wrestling match isn't a 100% gaurantee that robbing is going on but it is definitely one of the signs of robbing. So more times than not it is a robber.

    Your "homies" shouldn't have any trouble getting back inside as long as they left out of that same entrance. May take them a minute to figure it out but they will get it.

    The hope is that the robbers will give up after not being able to get back inside. Once they subside you shouldn't have any more issues unless something else happens to bring them back. It might take a couple days for the robbers to completely give up. The important thing is that the robbers aren't making it into the hive.... even if there is only a couple making it in they will keep coming back and bring more of their homies with them.


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