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    Default Red bugs- suggestions?

    I have always notices these insects around the hives, but they are now out in number. It seems that they are only feeding on the dead bees, but they have been crawling on and around the hives. I've never seen one inside, but they are increasing rapidly and am wondering if they pose any threat. Some are tiny, and I guess they get to about the size of a grain of rice. The ones in the pic are sized at about half a grain of rice. I doused them with cinnamon, but they don't care.

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    Default Re: Red bugs- suggestions?

    Those look like young Boxelder Bugs. Mostly they are just a nuisance, and no threat to a hive.

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    Default Re: Red bugs- suggestions?

    Tohya has it right. Looks like 2nd and 3rd instars of boxelder bugs. We have a female boxelder (narrow-leaved maple) in the yard and they are ubiquitous. But they don't bother the bees.
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