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    Default honey after a July swarm?

    One of my hives swarmed last Saturday, and I was able to catch it. This new hive is doing extremely well in its first 5 days of life - lots of new eggs, and lots of new comb (with honey) being drawn out. Right now I just have them in one deep, but if the current rate continues, I'll be adding a second deep this weekend, and I may well have that deep drawn out by the end of next week.

    My question: as a newbie, my understanding was that, in my northern climate, only a May/June swarm would be liable to produce any honey for me; any swarm after that would basically mean it was my job to just get the colony ready for winter and call it good.

    But this hive just seems.... vigorous. Can I still reasonably hope to get a honey crop from it this year? If so, what do I need to do to manage it for that? Do I still just stick a super on top when the upper deep gets 80% drawn out? I can't seem to find any info on what to do in this situation.

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    Default Re: honey after a July swarm?

    it may be possible. it will depend on how long and how strong your nectar flow is. it will also depend on what your target hive weight is for overwintering.

    a friend of mine caught a large swarm here, gave it only wax foundation, and was harvesting honey seven and a half weeks later.
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    Default Re: honey after a July swarm?

    I caught a swarm on the 25th of June last year and got a super of honey from them. They had the first deep drawn and filled with brood and honey in a it may be possible.


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