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    Default Penn Colony Update: Summer

    Did a road trip to see Ike at Forest Hills Woodworking last week.
    He is now carrying foundationless frames so that will save on shipping costs.

    Its been dry around these parts with a t-storm or two giving us a tinkle once in awhile.
    All five colonies are coming and going with a purpose and there must still be some kind of nectar flow going on.
    Currently they are bringing in a pale yellow pollen and am seeing lots of clover.

    I've got three supers on the 8 & 10 frame Deep hives and 5 supers on the other 8 frame Medium.
    In another week I may be adding another super to the 8 frame medium.
    That hive has been the most productive so far.
    They are all still building comb but it has slowed down a bit.

    I noticed a light colored honey in Spring and now it's changing to a darker color.
    Our garden has the most flowers we've ever seen on the cucumbers and tomatoes.

    Photo taken with iPad and edited in the Camera+ app.

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