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    Default Queen / swarm issues

    So I had a couple packages that were just not doing well. So we pulled queens on the ones we found and figured the other did not have a queen. Put in a new queen and be damned if they did not kill her and start to make swarm cells.

    Was this caused because there were two queens? Heck one never even got out of the queen cage. Poor thing.

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    Default Re: Queen / swarm issues

    If you have other hives that can give a frame of mixed brood, sealed, larva, and eggs.
    Give a frame of this mixed brood once a week for three weeks.
    If ther is no queen they will raise one.
    If ther is a queen in there no harm done.
    you will not harm the doner hive by taking one frame a week that queen can lay more eggs than the hive can take care of if she has to.

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