there's a golf course near where i live that has some bees living in a cedar tree that just had the top busted off about 5 or 6 feet up. i would like to do a cutout, but have never done one and not knowing what to expect, i can't just go in there and take a lot of time and stir them up so that no one can play the hole. the problem is the tree is close to the green and near the center of the fairway because it juts out as a dog leg.
i'm open to suggestions. i was wondering about going in the evening after everyone playing has passed hole 7 (where they are) one night and cutting into the tree to expose the hive and then leaving. this would allow them to settle down and golfers could play the next day. the following evening i could cut in and actually cut out the hive. possibly leave the box until the following evening to get any stragglers. any thoughts.