Last year I dug some vitex up at a beek's bee yard and planted it out at the edge of my yard. The larger plants in the beeks yard had honey bees working them. I planted four small clumps late last summer and they have done well and easily have 5-6 times as much vitex as I started with. What is kind of strange is that I haven't seen a honey bee on the plants, I know they may come by while I'm not around but it seems like by now I would have seen some honey bees on the flowers. Bumble bees and other flying critters visit but no honey bees. Of the other critters there is a wasp-looking insect that is the most frequent and numerous visitor to the vitex. They're quick and flighty, not holding still if you approach them with a camera. I'm thinking some type of paper wasp, but I'm not sure. I've seen some other images here and there that resembled these but have yet to see an ID attached to them. Does anybody know what these wasps(?) are?

Also, anybody got a clue as to why the honey bees aren't working the vitex? It puzzles me.