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    Default Pollen in removed frames

    Is there someway to allow bees to re-use the pollen in deep frames I am removing from the hives? (Going to mediums) How do I go about transferring it back to the bees? Thanks, Jim

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    Default Re: Pollen in removed frames

    You can leave it out to be robbed. Probably won't work really well, but they might get some. Once it has been stored in the cells, it is fermenting and I'm not sure if they can carry it in their pollen baskets.

    Depending upon how you are making the transition (I'm slowly doing the same thing myself) you can place the frames high in the hive to be filled with honey, but that is no guarantee that they will completely clean out all the pollen. They will get some however.

    If they have a decent store of pollen, it's probably not that big of a deal. They can always get more.

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    Default Re: Pollen in removed frames

    You can cut the comb our and rubber band it into medium frames as one does with a colony removal.

    It won't take the bees long to secure it to the combs, but it will take a few weeks for them to get the rubber banding loose and remove it from the hive.


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