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    Default Unusual Nuc situation!!

    Made up several nucs on Saturday and Sunday. Came home yesterday to discover a VERY LARGE swarm on one of the nuc boxes. There were about 25 nucs made up and they picked the hardest one for them to get to. I got inside and saw the cell was still in tact but there were so many bees I couldn't find a queen. I decided to divide the frames into separate boxes to see if they would come to her???? Nope!!!! I did see a few bees flying high and saw a very small cluster up in the mulberry tree. The other bees and there were a lot of them , I think the biggest swarm I'd ever seen stayed behind on the brood. There were about 2 to 3 thousand bees still on the ground and moving towards the other nuc boxes.. Strange! Shook some more off this morning into a box but still about 1k on the board the boxes were on. Small swarm still in the mulberry. Is this common? I made up some other boxes and put a lemongrass stick in but no luck yet. Do I just divide the bees up amongst the nucs?

    Pictures didn't load seems like there should be an easier way to load pictures

    Leave the one queen cell in the original box and have a big hive from the start (if she becomes a breeder?).
    Any suggestions?
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