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    Default Can a hive rob itself

    I've got a feeder inside a medium on top of the inner cover. It's been fine for the last couple weeks, but this evening when I filled it, I set off a robbing frenzy. I couldn't tell where the bees were coming from. To be honest, it appeared as if they were coming up from the landing board straight up to the top entrance. Can a hive 'rob' itself in this manner? Could it get so worked up that it would appear like robbing? It's entirely possible they were coming from one of the other 4 hives, but everyone else looked pretty calm and tucked in for the evening.

    Anyway, I closed off the top entrance and reduced the lower and the frenzy subsided.


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    Default Re: Can a hive rob itself

    No, a hive can't rob itself any more than you can rob yourself by raiding your own refrigerator for a midnight snack.

    Off topic: why are you feeding at this time of year in NJ? Are you getting the same lack of rain I have here in Maine and my daughter has in Albany, NY? It still isn't bad enough that we have to feed and I hope it doesn't get to that point. The girls are still bringing in lots of nectar but I'm starting to get worried.


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