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Thread: My poor queen

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    Default My poor queen

    My poor queen! She was purchased this year from a package in Ga. The Hive was established on March 17. Since that time, I have removed 26 frames of brood from this hive either as a split or to fortify other hives or queenless situations. Saturday the 7th being the most recent removal of 4 frames to donate to a smaller hive and to relieve crowding.

    This poor queen has laid so many eggs this year. I kinda feel sorry for her. The Brood chamber is now 2 deeps, 10 frames Langs. they have 2 supers on top of that...One drawn out and capped and the other in process.

    Saturday while in the hive...They had two frames of honey and two frames of pollen i each HB....Every single other frame was full of brood i various stages...other than one. (the final frame with foundation).

    I hope she makes it through the summer heat and the winter...Next year I hope to be able to make a bunch of copies of her.
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    Given that a queen's only function in bee "society" is to lay eggs, you have given her ample opportunity to fulfill her destiny! Her genes are being propagated throughout your apiary, and beyond.

    Manifest Destiny! (from a bee perspective)
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    Why wait until next year? She is laying now, take a fresh frame(s) of brood and start a NUC or two (Look here for On-The-Spot queen rearing instructions).

    Your mite load will make a successful wintering a real challenge after all that brood rearing....A good reason to take advantage of your fecund queen now.
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