I'm so glad I found this site! Hopefully someone can help me.
I got my package bees at the beginning of April. We had wonderful weather for them here in central KY until about two weeks ago when the weather went hot. A little before that I added a super to the original super and saw no problems at that time. Almost all of the frames were full of brood and honey. I didn't go back in the hive until today because the temps have been over 100 every day for two weeks. I have a screened bottom board with the removable corrugated plastic under it. I pulled that out two days ago and found a few webby worms on it. So today I cleaned the plastic off and checked the top super and that is almost filled out with honey. I didn't check the lower box.

BUT, the top board and the cover each had a couple of small hive beetles on them which I killed. So I am thinking I may have both wax moths and hive beetles because the larvae had webs on them and I also saw the small hive beetles.

Should I go back in the hive tomorrow and check the bottom super too, or just start treating for both pests? No mentors near where I live that I have found yet, except my uncle who hasn't been in bees for 20 years or so.