My experience with the Pigeon Mountain 2-Frame Extractor #PM9306.

When I received it, the paper wrapping the stand support and legs stuck to the parts because the paint was not dry when they were wrapped with paper.

Two support legs had to have the holes elongated by drilling and filing in order to get the holes to line up before the bolts would go through the holes to attach the legs. Apparently the holes were not drilled using a fixture because it was obvious the distance of the holes from the ends of the legs were not the same distance.

I cut my arm and hand during the initial cleaning of the internal basket. Edges of the vertical sheet metal basket, ends that support the frames, were not rounded or deburred after they were cut. The sharp edge, similar to a razor blade, caused fairly deep cuts, before I recognized the blood dripping. I had to disassemble and remove the basket to file all the edges down.

The hole for the bolt that helps to position the plexiglass lid was mis-drilled which required them to use a washer to prevent the correctly redrilled hole from breaking out due to the small distance between the holes.

A frame support wire weld joint failed after extracting 4-frames of honey. The person doing the welding either did not understand how to weld or was in such a hurry they just did a very bad job of welding. No frame was ever dropped on this wire weld joint. The weight of the frame caused the weld joint to separate. I had to go through the expense of getting the weld fixed.