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    Question all boxes same size

    Going to make all hive bodies the same size. Any ideas or recommendations on box size, looking at mediums or possibly the 7 5/8 super would like to know anyones experience with the 7 5/8. Is frame and foundation plastic foundation etc harder to find for the larger boxes. Hope everyone has a great day, and thanks in advance. old hippie

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    You will find that the box sizes with the most choices for frames and foundation are deeps (9 5/8") and mediums (6 5/8"). If you choose something else, your vendor choices will be more limited. You may find this page useful:
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    Mediums is probably the best choice, although "deep" mediums is probably OK too. There are two reasons for using all one size are weight and easy frame interchange.

    Mediums are light enough to move easily when full of honey, and large enough for good brood production. Deeps work well enough, but my back won't tolerate lifting a deep full of honey off the top of a hive, no way!

    Any system using only one depth of frame make the frame interchange easy. Style of frame isn't a condieration for me, as i cross wire everything and it takes as long to do a slotted top bar as a wedge style in that case -- the time is all in the cross wiring.

    You might consider 8 frame equipment as well -- an eight frame medium is about the same weight as a 10 frame shallow when full of honey, and isn't a huge problem to handle.



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