Just wanted to post my experience with White Oak Apiaries in Brewster NY. I know that Mike the owner is just starting out, and I wanted to give him some slack but I cannot as I have spoken to and seen reviews from others that had similar experiences to me.

First off we were told that they would be ready Mid may--I picked them up on Friday June 15 (one month later than planned) This was annoying but I didnt mind as I would rather have good nucs than rushed nucs. Well I went over to get my 24 nucs for the local club and arrived at 9 am and was told "oh someone who wasnt supposed to pick up today came unplanned and so I had to give him 40 nucs" 24 of which were mine--so then I had to wait an hour for him to wrangle up 24 nucs.

Then right off the bat while I am checking some of them I see one with hardly any eggs no brood so we had to swap it for another. I had people meeting me enroute home and now I was one hour late so I couldn't go through each nuc. So I get home an before giving each nuc to club members I checked them
1 had 4 frames no brood eggs nothing
3 had just eggs no brood capped
1 had a swarm cell that just emerged and one in process

I was so mad I cannot give these to new beekeepers in good conscience. So I had to drive all the way back to Brewster to switch them for new ones which the owner did--but I must say he was rather unapologetic. I understand this is a new business and it is one young guy doing everything but I think he got in over his head. The nucs that were good were great but the bad ones....well they were not even sellable.

Anybody else buy NUCs from White Oak?