So my hive is rather weak. It has superseded twice this year (and it was a new colony installed from package at end of May,) and is in the middle of the second supersedure. As a result, the numbers are rather low in the hive, and they are fairly weak. Today, I noticed a small patch (4 inches square, give or take) of decimated comb that had been eaten right down to the foundation, and in several of the surrounding cells were little brown worms wriggling around. I'm not 100% certain these are wax moth larvae, but I'm not sure of what else it could be. So, what I'm asking is:

1. Do these sound like wax moth larvae?
2. Should I pull this frame and freeze it? There are only 5-6 frames of drawn comb in the hive, and I'm worried about killing a bunch of bee larvae by freezing them.
3. Should I pull these frames and put them in a nuc, or will that really not help the bees much at all?