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    Exclamation 2 queens 1 hive help

    hello i have a hive that went queenless, it is a spring nuc i boought. i split it 1 week ago. it had 15 queen cells in it on 1 frame , all on the face. well... they all hatched but 2 and i found 1 virgin queen and 1 queen that looks like she may be mated , her abdomen is larger and longer then then other new queen, i didn't get a picture of the larger queen but i got one of the smaller one.

    here is the smaller one. (is it a queen ? it looks like one to me ) but i am a new beekeeper.


    Now my concern is that i did a split and i put 1 queen cell in it and it was torn down and gone today. so i looked for eggs or whatever i could find.... well i now have a laying worker, because it has 2-3 eggs where they are laid , (that is what that means right ??) so i took the remaining 2 queen cells from the mother hive and fastened them to the split an hour ago. so what should i do with the worker (s) who are laying? do i put in a frame of open brood , capped. order a queen ect. ?

    if i could have found the smaller queen from the mother hive again today , i would have gathered her up and brought her home to the split. but i didn't see her again. oh well i guess she will be killed by the larger one.

    Any guidance i could get here on this matter would be great



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    Default Re: 2 queens 1 hive help

    I hope that is a queen because I have one that looks just like your picture,in a nuc I created about a month ago


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