This year in a drought in Kentucky, I harvested 9.5 gallons of honey from 5 hives. My other hives, I split as I seen the drought coming and they were not making honey (just some comb in the supers - I am feeding them right now).

I always look for the things that didn't go well during my harvest. One problem I am having is straining / filtering honey. I presently use a stainless steel double strainer. However, I have to strain all my honey twice and I have to clean the strainer too many times from wax capping, etc. I am looking for suggestions of how other successful bee keepers strain / filter their honey.

My thought (and I am new - 4th year) is I would like to find a strainer that had a disposable filter like my coffee maker. Then when it got too full, I would just remove on and place another filter in a go. However, I need to understand what more people are doing.

Thank you for your insight,