Hello i live in Nova Scotia Canada and i am a new Beekeeper starting out and i have NO extraction equipment at all. I hear good things about Maxant equipment, but i have no idea what extractor to start with, i hate buying things twice !!! so i thought i would get a 9 or higher frame radial electric possibly the 1400 model. who has one and is it better to buy from the Manufacturer in the US or from a reseller in canada, i don't know if i could afford the freight from the US. i have read lots of posts and they say borrow or rent or even try to find used.....well i don't like to borrow or rent and used is very hard to find here. i like to be totally self reliant when it comes to what i need and use. i don't like lending so i don't expect it in return, that's just the way i am : )

So i saw a Maxant owner or worker here on the site, do they ship to Canada for a REASONABLE price?? i do run a family small business with my father and fiance ect and know the costs of shipping ie pallet charges/customs ect , but some places that sell extractors have free freight with any purchase of 100 dollars or more .
the extractor will probably lead to other purchases and first impressions are key with me.

Let me know what you all think please

Thank you