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    This was a very positive transaction . Excellent commo , I had to get on a waiting list. They called and asked if i was still interested . . She said they will ship on Monday , would you like a follow up call ? The shipping was 75$ , brutal . The bees were flown out of Toronto to JFK then in the mail . The package was sitting on my kitchen table Wednesday. Queens are pretty good sized . Yes the shipping was a bear , but it sure is 1st class ,20$ went to customs . I sure cant say how they will work out but they did take extra effort to insure the queens were well prepared. Here"s the vid.

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    Bought several Buckfast Queens from them a couple years back. Great people to deal with their very up front with delays and costs. Paid the same $75 to cover customs, veterinary inspection and shipping. They all arrived in great condition and performed well with excellent temperment. The hives had large brood nests, put up over 200# of honey each, none of them swarmed and they wintered well if there was enough stores left for them. Hives with daughters from them produced some ill tempered hives but F3's were mild tempered. Just my experiance with them.
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    Dave Miksa has them. Much less in transportation costs.


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