I finally got the news I wanted to hear about being able to sell my honey at a local farmers market in a well off neighborhood. The Store originally called of the farmers market but thankfully changed their mind and I desperately need the convenient spot that is right on my way to work so I can sit there for a couple hours a few days a week.

I want to be able to pull up in my crew cab with a topper, set up shop in 10 minutes, and close down in ten minutes. I know there are easy pop up tents and all but all I think I need is a fold up table with a display pyramid, several size and styles of jars, and some sort of shade. That said I would really, really appreciate it if the pros here could give me some pointers on how to draw em in, and sell honey like its going out of style.

I have heard a small ob hive works well. But how do I draw them in? Everyone is in a hurry these days to get in and out of the stores asap. I will obviously need some kind of eye candy to get them interested.