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    Default Adding honey supers

    My hive consists of 2 - 10 frame deep bodies (for the brood, pollen, newborns, etc) and I've
    got 2 shallow supers on top of the bodies collecting honey. The first shallow super was
    installed June 9 and the 2nd shallow super installed June 22. The first shallow has frames
    all filled with honey and 90% of that is capped. The 2nd super is just about (maybe 80%)
    all filled with honey.... some minor areas are capped. We added a 3rd super today.
    My question is.... should we add 2 supers at a time (instead of just the single one
    we added today) ... or just stick to adding one at a time. I've read
    different info about adding supers and just want to get some of your input. Thanks very much.

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    Default Re: Adding honey supers

    One at a time is much better, at least until you get in an area with a short intense flow.


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