for my first real honey extraction, i made up an uncaping box. i found a med stif plastic box at home depot , put a 1 1/2 x 3/4" strip on wood across it with cleates under it on both thr inside and out to hold it in place. i was uncaping faster than the extraction and sit some frames up right in the box. they just got mess with honey on the end. i see factory ones, big bucks, that say you can sit the frames on them. do they have a recessed cross ways or long ways and do they work? they are also double boxes with a strainer and gate valve in them ?? i may look at a little bigger box a little stiffer and screw a wood ledge on 2 sides to rest the frames. what have some of you made or use? any pictures ? if the wood is bad i coule use alum for the sides.