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    Default 2nd deep broud box

    about march i put on a 2nd deep on 2 of my hives too try and get more brud-bees. they put a lot of honey and not much brud. if i take out 2 frames of honey and put 2 empty undrawn frames back in will they think they or out of food and honey fill or is there a way to get them to let the queen lay in them? i do have a med honey supper on top but i think they have put more honey in the brud box.

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    Default Re: 2nd deep broud box

    Yes, try to open up the middle. Keep a drawn frame between the new ones though. Check your bottom box too, if it has any honey frames there, move it up and replace it with empty comb, or whatever kind of frame you want to use. You can always try to move a frame of brood up as well.


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